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Elliot Rodger’s autobiography (manifesto)

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Summary

Santa Barbara District Attorney Report on the Officer-Involved Shooting of Elliot Rodger

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Arrest Report No. 14-693
Elliot Rodger alleged his roommate, Cheng Yuan “James” Hong, stole three candles worth $20. He was placed under arrest and taken to jail. The charges were posthumously dropped.
No criminal record certificate

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Report No. 13-10081 (Alleged Hate Crime)
This is the 7/20/2013 incident where Elliot Rodger alleged Yukito Isoda pushed him off a ten-foot ledge at 6632 Del Playa Drive.


Mumkey Jones Leaked Emails Documentary

Elliot Rodger’s YouTube channel

Peter Rodger’s AIM for Mental Health Speech

Elliot Rodger’s BMW Found in Junkyard (by A Cruel Society)


The Astrology of Elliot Rodger (ebook)

4926 Llano Drive, Woodland Hills Zillow listing
This has lots of vibrant photos of the house where Elliot lived with his father for several years. If you look closely you can spot pictures of Soumaya on the wall.


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