“We need to talk about mass murderers”


Excerpt from the article: “While [Elliot] Rodger and [Dylann] Roof are examples of misogyny and violence taken to their logical extremes, it’s not hard to find people making similar arguments on 4chan or the now-defunct “incel” subreddit, a misogynistic forum for so-called “involuntary celibates.” Publishing Rodger and Roof’s manifestos isn’t a way of glorifying them — it’s a window into virulently racist and misogynistic circles, a way for the public to understand what can happen when hatred for women and people of color is left unchecked. As the New York Times’s former public editor Margaret Sullivan wrote after the paper was criticized for publishing Rodger’s video confession in 2014, there is a difference between contextualizing a killer’s manifesto and elevating it.”


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