Memoir: Confessions of a Sociopath

“Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight” is the memoir of a sociopath.

Right away the author dispenses with misconceptions and preconceived ideas: “I was not a victim of child abuse, and I am not a murderer or a criminal. I have never skulked behind prison walls; I prefer mine to be covered in ivy. I am an accomplished attorney and law professor. I am a typical, well-respected, young academic, regularly writing for law journals and advancing various legal theories. I donate 10 percent of my income to charity and teach Sunday School every week. I have a close circle of family and friends whom I love and who love me very much.”

If you’ve ever been interested in sociopathy and want to hear about it from a diagnosed sociopath, this is THE book for you. The Kindle version is on sale now for $1.99.

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Elliot’s birthday

Today Elliot would have turned 26 years old.

He shared a birthday with Emily Bett Rickards, a Canadian actress. Other famous people born on July 24 but in a different year are: Amelia Earhart (1897), Michael Richards (1949), Lynda Carter (1951), Jennifer Lopez (1969), Elizabeth Moss (1982), and Mara Wilson (1987).

Here’s a look at what else was going on in the U.S. around the time Elliot was born.

President: George H.W. Bush

Gallon of gas: $1.11

Dozen eggs: $0.87

Gallon of milk: $2.88

Historical event: University of Manchester scientists announce finding a planet outside our solar system.

Top songs: “Unbelievable” by EMF and “(Everything I Do) I Do it For You” by Bryan Adams

In theaters: The Doctor was released on July 24, 1991. Other films in theaters were Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, Boyz in the Hood, Point Break, and Problem Child 2.

Best-selling fiction book: The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan, although the overall most popular book of the year was The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

TV: Court TV (now TruTV) hit the airwaves July 1, 1991. The following month, Nickelodeon introduced Doug, Rugrats, and The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Academy Awards: Silence of the Lambs won for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Picture

Emmy Awards: Best Drama – Northern Exposure, Best Comedy – Murphy Brown

Top news stories: Jeffrey Dahmer arrested for his crimes. Boris Yeltsin elected Russian President. Magic Johnson announces he is HIV positive. Jay Leno succeeds Johnny Carson. Gulf War broadcast live on TV. UN launched air assault on Iraqi troops. UN ground troops liberate Kuwait. Motorola introduced a new light-weight cell phone; it weighed 1/2 pound. Last U.S. hostage in Lebanon released. Dallas ended after 13 seasons.

“Del Playa” released

“Del Playa” is now available on YouTube for a 48-hour rental for $3.99 USD.

This film is very well done. The directing, cinematography, production, and sound were great. No cheesy sets or anything. There’s a lot of great shots of Isla Vista, too.

Plotwise, it has nothing to do with Elliot Rodger. People’s outrage delayed release of the film, but only those who have closely followed the case will recognize the smallest of similarities. The movie killer, Matt, took karate lessons. Elliot took martial arts. Matt called himself magnificent. So did Elliot. Matt made other references to his good looks, and maybe nice clothes, and said he started lifting weights. Elliot made similar comments. Other than the fact that “Del Playa” is filmed in Isla Vista, there are no other similarities. So, everyone can officially calm down.

“Del Playa” is a typical college horror flick. There’s girls with amazing hair. There’s boobs. There’s butts. There’s slicing and dicing and girls screaming. But this film is a cut above the rest. (See what I did there?) The writer actually put in a story line and good dialogue. I think there’s supposed to be a message in there too. Something about male entitlement and people who make bad decisions can’t blame society. Maybe you’re supposed to find your own moral, or maybe you aren’t supposed to think about it at all. Either way, “Del Playa” is totally worth the watch.

Del Playa film to be released

Finally, there’s a North American release date for “Del Playa”: Friday, July 21, 2017. The controversial film will be released “across multiple digital platforms.”

Synopsis: “Matthew (Alan Ayala) is routinely abused by his stepfather. He has a crush on Claire (Devon Barnes) during high school. His love for Claire rides a fine line between persistence and obsession. And when, Matthew is jumped by her boyfriend, things turn violent. Five years go by and Claire discovers that her high school stalker has returned for her.”

Although “Del Playa” is said to be inspired by actual events, namely the killings in Isla Vista by Elliot Rodger, the synopsis sounds nothing like what actually happened. It just so happens that the film’s story takes place in Isla Vista. However, my opinion may change after I see the film. Be sure to follow my blog for a review of “Del Playa” after its release.

Elliot is rolling in his grave

A California teen wins the lottery twice in one week.

Her winning tickets were purchased in Arizona and California, both states where Elliot spent hundreds of dollars trying to hit the jackpot.

Maybe this girl was due to receive some good karma, but it seems like Fate ought to spread out the good fortune a bit more evenly.

Elliot on the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

Ten years ago today, Elliot Rodger saved his younger brother from drowning in the pool. Here are the excerpts from My Twisted World that talk about that incident and two other 4th of July parties at the Lemelson’s.

Fourth of July 2007:  “The 4th of July this year was the day I saved my little brother’s life from drowning. I went with my family to Antje and Gary Twinn’s house, as they always had a 4th of July party. The Bubenheims were there, including Leo and Pollina. So was Vincent Twinn, who had grown up quite fast. The last time I saw him, he was the little kid who looked up to me when I showed him all of my computer games. Now he was just becoming a teenager, with an interest in skateboarding.

“The party was a pool party, and my brother Jazz had full exposure to the swimming pool. He had already learned to walk, but he couldn’t swim. At one instance as I was eating lunch, I saw Jazz quickly run off from the adults, completely unattended. I then watched as he curiously examined the water, and then descended into steps of the shallow end of the pool. Before long, he lost his footing on the steps and his whole body sank into the water. Nobody noticed. He was going to drown, I thought with panic. I ran as fast as I could, plunging into the water with my clothes still on, and pulled him out. I asked him how he was doing, and he coughed up some water and told me he felt fine. The only person who saw this happen was a little girl who was swimming in the shallow end. I saved his life, and my brother remembers it to this very day. Every single second of my brother’s life, everything that happens to him in the future, will exist because I pulled him out of the water that day.”

Fourth of July 2009:  “On the 4th of July, we went to a big party at the Lemelson’s. There, I had a heavy discussion with James about my revelation and goals. He seemed very glad that I had a newfound zest for life. He admitted that he was getting very worried about me, from the way I was going. James was in a similar situation as I was. He was a virgin like me, never having much interaction with girls in his life. The two of us talked for hours about our troubles and our hopes of overcoming them. It was nice to have such a good friend like James on my side, who could understand and relate to me.”

Fourth of July 2011: “There was no school on the following Monday, due to the 4th of July holiday. I went with my mother to the annual 4th of July party at the Lemelson’s. There, I saw James for the first time in a while. It felt good to see him again. He had been ignoring me in the last couple of months, but the two of us reignited our good friendship at the party. I told him that I was going to college in Santa Barbara, and he seemed happy for me. As I ate dinner with him, Noah, and a few of Noah’s friends at a table outside, I filmed a funny video that I still have on my phone to this day.”



California magazine ban blocked by judge

Gun laws are complicated, and any discussion of them often brings passionate disagreement. Below is a snippet from an article discussing the potential magazine ban in California, which mentions Elliot Rodger.…/26376-california-judge-blo…

“There’s also the matter of just how effective the new law might be in reining in gun violence. Much has been said by liberal anti-gunners about mass shootings that involved criminals using firearms with magazines that exceeded 10 rounds: Orlando nightclub, Columbine High School, Sandy Hook, and San Bernardino. Missing from that litany however is any mention of the Santa Barbara shooting (Isla Vista killings) committed by a deranged Elliot Rodger in May of 2014 who used only 10-round magazines in killing seven and wounding 14 before being brought down. Or more recently, the Fresno terrorist Kori Ali Muhammad, who used a revolver (which doesn’t use magazines) to kill four before being stopped and arrested.”

Random fact that won’t make it into my book

George Rodger and Lois “Jinx” Rodger, Elliot’s paternal grandparents, were married on January 29, 1953 in Akron, Ohio. The Reverend was Lewis Morrow Witherspoon- Jinx’s father and Elliot’s great-grandfather.

Note that on the birth certificate it says that Jinx was born in Lebanon. Because her father was a reverend, it’s possible they were there as missionaries.